Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to earn a diploma?

How long it takes to complete the high school diploma requirements depends on two important factors:

  • The number of credits successfully completed prior to leaving high school.
  • Regular attendance

When are classes offered?

The Academy follows an open entry/open exit design; however, new students are not admitted after March 31. The Academy has a flexible class schedule that can accommodate work and family obligations. During the school year, the Academy is open Monday - Thursday from 8Am - 5PM, and Friday from 8AM - 4PM.

Students must commit to a specific schedule of 3 hours per day minimum and abide by it. Regular attendance is crucial for success, just as it is in the workplace. Students are responsible for their own transportation.

  • Summer Hours-8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. (July & August)

Where are you located?

LCA can be found in the lower level Food Court area at Park City Center (exit off Route 30 West in Lancaster, Pennsylvania) near the elevator outside of JCPenny. There is free on-site parking, and the mall is served by public transportation. A child care facility is operated in the mall.

The Academy utilizes a computer network to assist in both academic and employment skills training. Students also have access to the Internet, under staff supervision, for research and learning.

Who issues my diploma and transcripts?

Graduates earn a diploma from their home school district, not their home school high school. The home school will generate final transcripts needed for college, military or work. Transcript request forms may be available at the Academy and processing time varies.

Can I walk with my class?

Students who are graduating on time may request to participate in their home school graduation ceremony. A letter of request to participate needs to be presented 90 days prior to graduation. Students are responsible for any home school graduation costs. Diplomas are issued at the Lancaster County Academy graduation ceremony, not the home school ceremony. There is no cost for the Academy graduation and there is no limit to the number of guest who can attend the LCA graduation ceremony.