Service Learning/Career Connections

Learning outside of the classroom is an integral part of the Lancaster County Academy curriculum. Students are required to participate in a school-to-work program consisting of Career Connections and Service Learning courses.Your Future These courses are designed to help students understand the challenges and opportunities of a variety of occupations and to explore career opportunities and prepare them for what comes next after high school. Short-term work-based learning experiences in business, non-profit, or public service agencies aid in career decision-making and help build work resumes and references.

Within the Career Connections course students explore their interests by completing a variety of career assessments. Using the results of the assessments, they are required to explore a chosen career in detail and complete a minimum of 12 hours in a job shadowing experience in the profession of their choice. The course also requires the completion of a cover letter, resume and a mock-job interview. Guest speakers from post-secondary schools, business and industry are regularly invited to speak to the students at the Academy.

The required Service Learning course consists of volunteering 55 hours at a non-profit or public service agency. The focus of this course, in addition to service, is self-development, career exploration, cultural awareness and reflection on learning. Through the service learning experience, students are able to gain valuable work experience to add to their resumes and gain recommendations to use in their future career and school endeavors.