About our Staff

The Academy is blessed with a very caring and dedicated staff. Our goal is to help each student learn how to learn. Although each tutor has an area of expertise, all tutors can help students with strategies and techniques to learn course materials and pass tests with the 80% minimum required.

Their diverse backgrounds and varied interests are evident in the day to day interactions with students. All LCA staff members are problem solvers. All are empowered to help students succeed. They are "customer service" oriented and expect to be asked to help. All staff members will know all students, so parents can speak with whoever is available about a specific student or issue

Staff Members include
  • Program Director
    • Emily Fields
  • Career/Service Coordinator
    • Debi Schmidt
  • Classroom Tutors
    • Tony Gish
    • Jennifer Henry
    • Curt Holgate
    • Marianne McFadden
  • Administrative Aides
    • Lydia Cleis
School Board
  • Idette Groff (President), Conestoga Valley
  • Daniel Bender (Vice President), Solanco
  • Donna Wert (Secretary), Penn Manor
  • Michael Clair (Treasurer), Manheim Central
  • Janet Schwert,Columbia Borough
  • Ben Kling, Donegal
  • Caroline Lalvani, Elizabethtown Area
  • David Beiler, Lampeter-Strasburg
  • Michael Lynch, Manheim Township
  • Jane Horst, Pequea Valley
  • Superintendent of Record:
    • Dr. Peter Aiken, Manheim Central