Summer School

LCA is pleased to offer accelerated summer courses to area high school students. This is an excellent opportunity to make up lost credits due to COVID-19 and changing schedules.

Who can enroll?

You do not need to be a current LCA student to enroll; however, check with your school counselor, principal, or other authorized school official to determine if your school will accept the transfer credit. We will report the student’s grade to the student’s school, and the school will award credit at its discretion.

What courses will you offer?

Check out the pages below to see our 2021 summer school offerings. Please note that some courses may not be offered do to limited enrollment. We will alert you as soon as possible if we are unable to run the course.

Some courses are labeled as credit recovery. What does that mean?

Credit recovery courses do not cover new content, but they help students pass already learned content. Check with your school counselor, principal, or other authorized school official to determine if you’re eligible to enroll in a credit recovery course.

Can students take more than one course over the summer?

Absolutely! However, think about how much time you have available to you to devote to coursework. Students receive a discount when registering for two classes.

When are the courses offered?

Courses start on June 14 and end on August 8.

What is the course delivery format?

Courses will be offered in a hybrid format, or a combination of in-person and at-home learning. The instructor will set course meeting times.

Where are you located?

See the following page: Contact Us.

How much does it cost?

Each course is $195, or $350 for two courses. The cost per course for current LCA students is $165. Please make check payable to Lancaster County Academy. Check can be mailed or dropped off. You can find our address on the Contact Us page. Payment is due by Monday, June 14.

How do I register?

Please register on the following page: LCA 2021 Summer School Registration. Please register by Friday, June 11. Questions? Give us a call. You can find our phone number on the Contact Us page.