LANCASTER, PA, January 18, 2023 –Lancaster County Academy (LCA) is proud to announce a
new partnership with the Columbia Borough School District (CBSD). This partnership will allow
LCA to serve an even greater number of students at its West campus and provide them with the
support and resources they need to succeed. Cathy Kudyba, who joined the Academy in 2021,
leads its West operation.
“We are excited to work with the CBSD to provide more students with the opportunity to earn
a high school diploma and acquire life-ready skills,” said Dr. Ryan McFadden, LCA’s Executive
Director. The new partnership will enable LCA to expand its reach and provide additional

students with access to its unique features, including a flexible schedule, small class size, self-
paced instruction, personalized learning, one-on-one support, and school-to-work coursework.

In addition to this new partnership, LCA welcomed several new staff members this school year.
New teachers include Lydia Brouillette, Hannah Smith, Joan Valentin, and Pat Weaver. Amara
Sherman, a counselor in training, also joined the team. The new staff members bring a wealth
of experience and expertise to the Academy and will help to ensure that LCA continues to
provide a high-quality educational option for its non-traditional students.
The Academy is now a second chance opportunity for high school students at 10 area school
districts. “We are committed to providing our students with the best possible second chance at
success, and this new partnership and fresh staff will help us to achieve that goal,” said Dr.