Graduation Requirements

Student transcripts from previous schools are used to determine what courses are required for graduation from the Academy. All relative academic credits successfully completed at previous schools are applied to graduation requirements. All students are required to earn one credit in career exploration/ preparation and one credit for volunteering or work study. Because of the small number of graduates in each class, class rank is not kept.

The Academy follows an open entry/open exit design. The curriculum model is self-paced and competency based with special emphasis on career development and employment skills training. Most coursework includes computer-aided instruction. A minimum test grade of 80% is accepted as demonstration of competency. Assessment includes testing, individual projects, team projects, and performance. Students who do not reach the 80% benchmark are required to re-mediate until the 80% is reached or surpassed. As a result, the Academy does not keep class rank statistics or compute a GPA.

A minimum of 21 credits is required for graduation to include:

  • English – 4 credits
  • Science – 3 credits
  • Mathematics – 3 credits
  • Social Studies – 3 credits
  • Health & Physical Education – 1 credit
  • Electives – 5 credits
  • Service Learning or Career Internship – 1 credit (Required)
  • Career Connections – 1 credit (Required)