Mobile-Friendly Coursework

Success for Teens – Credit 0.5 (Elective)

This course is designed to help students learn time management, goal-setting, self-motivation, and good habits, which they can apply to success in school and life. Students discover their passion and how to live a purposeful life to achieve their dreams through reading the Success for Teens book, completing the corresponding worksheets for each chapter in the Success for Teens Workbook, finishing the Locus of Control Exercise, and creating a goal setting chart.

Students with or without access to a mobile device and the Internet can participate in this elective course. Interested students who require printed course materials should contact the Program Director. This is a great course for students who need a half credit elective.

Success for Teens Course Materials

All course materials, including the book and workbook, can be found in the folder above.

PDF book: Success for Teens

Hint: If the print looks too small to read, there should be an icon you can click on to open it as a PDF document.

Chapter 3 is all about how we see the world. Are we making decisions for ourselves to get us to where we want to be in life or are we letting fate decide our destiny? We should all strive to have a strong internal locus of control. Above is the Locus of Control Exercise to complete with Chapter 3 in addition to the Chapter 3 Worksheet in the Success for Teens Workbook.

Other Coursework

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